CEO Message

Once again, it is a great pleasure to welcome you to the second edition of EA CONNECT. Your feedback is always welcome to help us improve our e-newsletter.

This time I would like to talk about the unique position that we as Enterprise Architects are in today, and the opportunities and challenges that we face as a profession. "May you live in interesting times" – a western interpretation of a Chinese curse can be a blessing for those brave hearts that take every opportunity in a chaos to survive and thrive.

Today, the IT industry is going through a massive transformation – Traditional vendors are struggling to maintain their high margins and market share, new niche vendor solutions are appearing from everywhere, clones of Silicon Valley are popping up all over the world and the youth are not content to be life time employees - they want to innovate, create startups, make quick money and retire very early at 40. What do these have to do with an enterprise and its Enterprise Architecture? Enterprises cannot afford to just stand still any more but the heavy anchors of legacy systems and organisational politics weigh them down and make them stay put where they are at.

The challenge of Enterprise Architecture (EA) as a profession is to reinvent itself in this chaotic new IT paradigm. Often, EA is perceived to have failed to deliver its promise of a standardised, rationalised and integrated architecture – an "architecture by design". Instead, we are viewed as having delivered the "architecture by accident" of today. So what goes wrong? Who takes the blame? Where does the buck stop?

I believe that the buck starts and stops with us – the Enterprise Architects. We can take leadership and make it work or we can blame everyone else – C level execs who do not get it, project managers who obstruct, greedy proprietary vendors who profit and inadequate tools that do not measure up. Have you heard the saying "If you cannot dance, do not blame the dance floor" or a more common version "a poor workman blames his tools". As Enterprise Architects, let us raise above these and show the IT and business worlds that we are needed, that without us and our deliverables - EA blue print, process and roadmaps, etc. - organisations will continue to go down the spiral of a chaotic architectural mess that most enterprises are in today! Let us learn to dance, improve our agility and perform professionally even if the dance floor is crooked!!

With best regards,
Vish Viswanathan
Managing Principal
CC and C Solutions